Stacy - Colorado

"I’m not crying...maybe...

I'm sure everyone knows that my animals are my world and the loss of Meeka was extremely difficult for us, to say the least... she was far too young, and too special to leave so soon.

Some people also may know that I am a very sentimental person and I love unique and creative things.

Fortunately, I have a friend that is an amazing artist that shares my love for our fur babies. When Meeka passed, Jen immediately offered to hand paint on stone a special memorial piece for her.

Words cannot describe my love for this gift. This painting not only took her time, and materials but also her passion, talent, and expression. Jen, you captured Meekas booper perfectly!

My heart is full of thanks for this heartfelt gift. I just... I just love it.

Thank you Jennifer. You are an amazing person!

My heart is still broken for my sweet Meeka but we will continue to pay it forward by donating what we can to the few rescues we support."


JoCarol - Texas

"You sent me my hummingbird when I was feeling down due to an ankle surgery and being in a cast... and it lifted me up and made me smile. Thank you, I love it! God knew I needed to smile and he used you to do it. Again, thanks!"


Beth - Oregon

"So BEAUTIFUL! This awesome painted rock arrived in the mail today from my friend. She hand painted this looking at a picture of my girls on the beach. This rock will be part of my home until I pass. Thank you friend!"


Melissa - Kentucky


LOOK at these beauties my friend painted for me. The left are pictures I sent her.

Top is sunset from Englewood & bottom is a piece I really liked at a store but they wouldn’t sell it to me because I pointed out a few flaws and I asked them to be fixed to pay full price.

I absolutely LOVE them both!

She is so freakin talented, always has been!! Thank you again Jen for your masterpieces."


Cheryl - Florida

"These beautiful creations were waiting for me when I arrived home. I am speechless, but not surprised that my beloved (and talented) Bean, would not only capture me, but exactly how I am feeling this instant. I love you Bean, and I thank you for making me feel special on this challenging birthday. You are a part of my heart forever. "