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Living in Colorado with my sweet husband and 3 pups has provided an endless paradise to explore. No matter where I am wandering, or how dark the world may seem at the time, there is always beauty to be found outside.  Some of my favorite moments outdoors are shared on this site. I hope you enjoy those along with some fun art I've put together in the last year.

It was middle school, my first art class, where I discovered I could draw. Our first assignment was to create something using charcoal and I chose an eagle. I actually surprised myself at how well it turned out, especially given that I had never attempted such a task before. My art teacher was equally pleased and it proudly hung in the entrance of our school... home of the Eagles. From middle school until college, I was always creating something, but painting was my passion. As I got older, it was never a priority and became an afterthought, just "something I did as a kid". Then 2020 happened, which brought about a lot of change and unique challenges. It also allowed life to slow down and provided me the time to rediscover my love for art again. I appreciate you visiting! 

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